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Family owned and operated Gullo Specialty Foods began with one family’s simple love for seafood. Based out of Long Island, New York, our goal is to provide the finest tenderized octopus in the United States, directly from the coasts of Spain and Portugal. Gullo is reliable. We offer the most consistent and highest quality octopus and sepia.

Our family roots trace back to Sicily, where our story and love for octopus began. Frequent childhood memories involve mom boiling it and serving it cut up into small bites like popcorn, with fresh lemon.

As years passed, owner Frank Gullo set out to bring that same delicious octopus he had as a child to the United States. After a lengthy search, his standards were finally met when he sampled succulent octopus from Spain, and Gullo Specialty Foods was launched.

Production at the warehouse starts everyday at 3:00 am. While the world is sleeping, we are busy preparing our delicious offerings for both retail and wholesale clients. Every product that leaves the facility gets our personal seal of approval.



If you’re reading this, chances are you are interested in octopus. Whether acquiring it for your restaurant or store, or simply looking for ideas your next party — we believe we have the best octopus in the world. Here are 5 reasons why we believe you should choose Gullo.


We source our octopus from the coasts or Portugal and Spain, where conditions are ideal for producing the best Grade A, Sushi Quality Octopus. We choose only the best of the best from these sources.

We’ve developed a proprietary tenderization process that takes octopus to a whole new level in taste, presentation and yield. There’s simply nothing like a Gullo octopus.

We offer some of the fastest delivery and shipping in the business and our attention to detail in both packing and shipping assures you of freshness and quality.

We are fully focused on octopus. We’re one of the few — if only — companies in America who is solely focused on octopus. As a matter of fact, 99% of our business is just octopus!

Were a proud family business. We’re dedicated to treating you like family and giving you the personal attention you deserve as a Gullo customer. We stand behind the quality of our products 100%.




Gullo’s Corporate Chef and VP of Business Development, Stephen Fried, is often better known as Octoman. He is the guy zooming thru town on his sea foam green Vespa talking Octopus.

Octoman shares Gullo’s love for Spanish octopus and expresses it in all that he does. Fried is a food curator, journalist, chef; the industries foremost authority on Octopus. Over the past 12 years, he has fostered relationships with countless chefs, restaurateurs and many of the industry’s most discerning Seafood distributors in New York and beyond.

At Gullo, Stephen has played an integral role in the proliferation of octopus demand around the country. He travels extensively to cook and showcase Gullo products at various events and share his enthusiasm and passion with chefs around America.

Cooking for both chefs and consumers, Octoman enjoys sharing his passion for this magnificent creature and training Seafood companies how to sell Gullo products. Octoman loves entertaining at food events, private homes, pop ups, fundraisers, and beyond.


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